Gaziantep Konakları

A project intertwined with nature, where you will find care for history, respect for tradition and the right alternatives for today's needs in Gaziantep; Gaziantep Konakları are presented to you.

This project, brought to you by Severoğlu İnşaat, which is well known in the sector and has more than 30 years of experience, offers solutions for your life habits with turnkey luxury residences.

The project aims to strengthen neighbourly relations and strengthen social relations, while social activity areas for homeowners to have a pleasant time are included.

A peaceful life awaits you in Gaziantep Konakları, whose architectural project has been completed in more than a year, where you will fınd care and sensitivity in every detail.


Severoğlu İnşaat, which brings together luxury housing alternatives designed for different usage habits with a good analysis of user requırements and production quality worthy of its brand, offers you the choice for residential types.


The Gaziantep Konakları project, where you can find calm, serenity and views together, offers two different types of housing;


In addition to 11 Antep Houses that reflect tradition and history, 60 4 + 1 and 5 + 1 luxury apartments are planned.

The 11 Antep Evi, while serving today's requirements as a plan typology, visually offers traces of our tradition. From the elevators to the hobby room, from the maid's room to the parking lot, Antep Evi, where all the necessary details are carefully resolved, offer owners lıvıng in Hayat (Courtyard).

The Sitting Room, Living Room and Kitchen of each of the 4 + 1 and 5 + 1 flats directly overlook the Erikçe Forest.

 Apartment owners can antıcıpate a life where peace is at the forefront, where quality building products are used alongside a unique view.