Our Principles


As the Kurt Insaat Family, we have made "Increasing Your Quality of Life" the main goal in every project we take part in.


With our projects that “Embody Excellence", our most basic goal is that every project we participate in takes a special place in your life and becomes a part of your happy memories.

Social Responsibility:

Based on our respect for diversity, we have adopted the principle of creating innovative solutions for individuals with special needs in all our projects, aiming that everyone can benefit equally from all kinds of life opportunities and environments.


We continue our work without compromising our principles, with an understanding of all cultures, views and ideas, with respect for people and the environment at all times.


As Kurt İnşaat, our basic principle is to be transparent, fair, sincere and honest towards all our stakeholders, regardless of whether they be customers or employees.


As the Kurt İnşaat Family, we follow the ever-changing technologies closely and work to bring you innovations that will make your life easier.


We always work with stakeholders who are experts in their fields in order to make quality sustainable.


We pay attention to be sensitive to the environment and society in all our activities. As part of this sensitivity, we use natural resources at an optimal level in order not to affect the environment and to keep pollution to a minimum.


In our 22nd year in the industry, we are proud of not compromising in everyone's trust and belief in us.

Focus on Success:

Continuous and consistent “Focus on Success" is the most important element for our company's success in the business world. It is not enough to fulfill only customer demands. It is the basic principle of our company to exceed customer expectations by anticipating possible situations.